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An Innovative Approach to Classroom Observation and Teacher Professional Development, developed in response to the evolving demands and needs of education, particularly in the post-COVID era

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The SCOS helps teachers answer the regularly-forgotten question: Who is teaching for?

The SCOS shifts the observation focus from evaluating teacher behaviors to scrutinizing student behaviors.

The SCOS bolsters teacher professional development by helping teachers hone their teaching skills and strategies to better support student learning.

The SCOS is an innovative and valuable approach to classroom observation that truly places students at the center of the learning process.

Design Principles

The SCOS is designed based on the 4 modern principles. It empowers students and encourages them to take ownership of their learning while providing teachers with the tools and techniques to support them in doing so.




  • Learning outcomes

  • Learning process 

  • Choice and voice 

  • Space and place 

  • Thinking

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Teachers’ new roles

  • Lifelong learner

  • Life-skill educator

  • Innovator of change

  • Motivator

  • Bond builder

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  • Student-outcome oriented

  • Problem-based teaching approach

  • Including good insights about the students

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Students' new roles

  • Independent learners

  • Active learners

  • Life-skill practitioners

SCOS Observed Areas

The SCOS centers around 05 performance areas that assess the impact and achievement of students during lessons such as students' engagement, comprehension, cognitive effort, etc.

Each performance area is complemented by a guiding question aimed at directing the focus of teachers and observers towards the students' performance and lesson planning.

SCOS Components

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Classroom Performance Assessment (CPA)

The classroom observation form designed for observers to evaluate the classroom performance and support teachers.

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Competency Framework for Teaching (CFT)

The framework outlines 23 core teaching skills with 86 teaching techniques that enable teachers to enhance their professional competence and align with the standards of the five student performance areas of the SCOS.

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SCOS Teacher PD learning platform (LMS)

The LMS provides teachers with access to all learning modules for SCOS Teacher PD. The platform includes 23 AI-supported learning modules for 23 core teaching skills that teachers should master. Click the video below for a sample.

Students Between Classes


The Student-Centered Observation Scheme (SCOS) by Pro.Ed Education Solutions is a groundbreaking educational product that has the potential to transform teaching and learning. By shifting the focus to students, it not only improves teaching quality but also ensures that educators prioritize the needs of their students.

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SCOS 2024 is truly a customer-oriented academic tool that can significantly enhance your school effectiveness.

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