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Lesson Plans is a dedicated free resource where we bring you insightful and engaging English Language Teaching (ELT) lessons. Whether you're a seasoned ELT professional or a passionate new teacher, this space aims to provide you with a monthly dose of inspiration and practical ideas to enhance your classroom practice.

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May 6, 2024

Virtual is Real - Is Cyberbullying a Major Threat in Your Virtual World?

Tailored for young adult English language learners at the Intermediate Level (B1-B2), this lesson delves into cyberbullying awareness and actions to fight against it. Its aims include understanding cyberbullying, identifying signs, learning prevention strategies, expanding relevant vocabulary, practicing critical thinking through role-play with an AI chatbot, and fostering empathy and digital kindness.

> Target learners: Young adult learners (Intermediate Level - B1-B2)
> Duration: 90' - 120'

April 4, 2024

Old Habits Die Hard - When do You Become the Best Version of Yourself?

Tailor-made for young adult English language learners operating at proficiency levels B1-B2, this lesson plan aims to explore the science behind people's detrimental habits. Its focal point is to underscore the significance of identifying and overcoming these habits, encouraging students to become the best version of themselves. Objectives include recognizing unhealthy habits, understanding their consequences, mastering "used to" and "be used to," and enhancing listening and presentation skills.

> Target learners: Young adult learners (Intermediate Level - B1-B2)
> Duration: 60 - 90'

March 4, 2024

Why We Sleep - What Makes A Good Sleep?

Tailored for young English language learners at proficiency levels A1-A2, this lesson plan aims to delve into intriguing facts about sleep, emphasizing the importance of quality rest and its numerous benefits for the body and brain. The objectives include raising awareness about the significance of good sleep, as well as helping students identify their individual sleep needs and fostering a commitment to improving overall sleep quality.

> Target learners: Young learners (Elementary Level - A1-A2)
> Duration: 60 - 90'

February 5, 2024

Unreal World of Nature - Should Untouched Places in the World be Left Untouched?

Crafted for English language learners ranging from proficiency levels B1 to B2, this lesson plan is tailored for teenagers and/or young adults. The primary goal is to enhance students' understanding and appreciation of the wonders of nature, emphasizing the importance of preserving untouched locations and advocating responsible treatment of these places.

> Target learners: Teenagers/ Young adults (Intermediate Level - B1-B2)
> Duration: 60 - 90'

January 3, 2024

This is My Year - How do I Shape My Year?

This lesson plan is designed for English language learners with proficiency levels ranging from A2 to B1, focusing on teenagers in the Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate stage. It aims to facilitate their comprehension of the concept of New Year's Resolutions, fostering an understanding of the cultural practice of setting goals for the upcoming year and strategies for their accomplishment.

>Target learners: Elementary to Pre-Intermediate Levels (A2-B1)
>Duration: 60 - 90'

December 8, 2023

A Look into the Future - How is AI Changing the World?

This lesson plan is designed for English language learners at levels B1-B2, providing them with the opportunity to define Artificial Intelligence (AI) and identify its applications in daily life. The lesson also encourages students to observe and reflect on the evolution of AI in various fields while prompting them to propose ideas for AI-powered tools or applications.

>Target learners: Teenagers (Intermediate Level - B1-B2)
>Duration: 60 - 90'

November 2, 2023

Appreciating our Guiding Lights

This lesson plan provides young adults at A2-B1 levels with the opportunity to reflect on the importance of showing appreciation to teachers, expand their vocabulary, and express gratitude in a creative and meaningful way. It promotes a deeper understanding of the role teachers play in their lives and encourages students to foster positive relationships with their educators.

>Target learners: Young Adults (Pre to Intermediate Level - A2-B1)
>Duration: 60 - 90'

October 2, 2023

Journeys into festivals

This lesson plan has been crafted to engage primary and secondary students in an exploration of the rich tapestry of festivals celebrated worldwide. Through a series of activities designed to enhance their language skills, critical thinking, and creativity, students will gain insights into the profound connections between festivals, cultures, and traditions.

>Target learners: Primary/ Secondary students (Pre to Intermediate Level - A2-B1)
>Duration: 60 - 90'

September 3, 2023

Every drop counts

This lesson plan is designed to teach elementary students the significance of conserving water in various contexts. It aims to broaden students' water conservation vocabulary, develop their ability to offer advice, enhance their speaking skills through group discussions, and improve their presentation skills by having them create a water-saving poster.

>Target learners: Primary students (Pre-Intermediate - A2)
>Duration: 60 - 90'

August 1, 2023

How to use AI in an ethical way?

This lesson plan focuses on introducing students to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its applications in daily life while emphasizing the importance of ethical considerations. Students will expand their AI-related vocabulary, improve speaking skills through group discussions, and enhance presentation abilities by creating a set of ethical AI use cases for the class.

>Target learners: Immediate (B1-B2)
>Duration: 60 - 90'

July 1, 2023

How can we protect our planet?

In this engaging lesson plan, students will explore crucial environmental issues and their impact on the planet, while gaining insight into the importance of preserving Earth's ecosystems. Through interactive activities and group discussions, students will develop their language competence, acquiring new vocabulary related to environmental concerns and refining their speaking and presentation skills.

> Target learners: Immediate (B1-B2)
> Duration: 60 - 90'

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