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International partnerships

As more local students look to study abroad, it is essential for them to have trusted partners that can help them navigate the often difficult and lengthy process for making the transition. Pro.Ed has partnered with colleges and universities abroad that make this process seamless.


Whether you are a foreign university looking for access to the blooming educational market in Vietnam, or a Vietnamese (local) organization looking for international partnerships, we provide a bridge and help you make the connections you need.


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Educational operations

For schools looking to modernize their programs and operations, or create new ones, we provide in-depth knowledge, analysis, and training to overcome inefficiencies and outdated models.It is essential that all departments work together to pull towards the same goal.


Pro.Ed can look at your institution's model, decide where weaknesses or inefficiencies lie, and implement a review of quality control and quality assurance that guarantees all aspects of your institutions are running smoothly.

Curriculum development

Schools often use a one-size-fits-all curriculum, typically designed by the publisher of the book being used. This commonly creates problems for schools who have their own needs and requirements.


From course length to scope to student abilities, curriculum must be tailored to each particular institution. Pro.Ed can help your institution develop a custom curriculum that suits your unique teaching and learning context.

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Teacher professional development

For many organizations, teacher training activities are conducted as one-off sessions without any follow up or evidence of learning. It is Pro.Ed's belief, however, that knowledge and skills take time and reflection to absorb and then incorporate into teaching practices. 

Pro.Ed provides analysis and training that can revolutionize your school’s most important asset - teachers - with the latest pedagogy and skills. With Pro.Ed, you can build a knowledge and skills database for your organization where such expertise is stored and remains accessible so the training can keep cascading throughout your school.

Teacher provision

For educational institutions, teachers are the most valuable asset, yet institutions often lack the expertise to sort through and identify good quality candidates. Also, they spend a lot of resources in finding suitable teaching candidates, but many of them are constantly understaffed.


With its professional network and expertise, Pro.Ed can provide teachers and train them to suit any of your school's particular academic needs.

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Corporate English programs

Now more than ever, the business world is globalized to the point where communication in English is absolutely essential for businesses to function and compete in an ever-competitive marketplace. From executives to managers to employees on the lowest run of the corporate ladder, it is probable that most will need to communicate outside of their own language at some point. 


Pro.Ed can build custom programs that fit your corporate particular needs and help your employees communicate effectively in the world of international business.

TESOL Training

Most TEFL and TESOL certificates are poorly designed and inadequate for the varied contexts in which teachers find themselves.

With its seasoned experts on the ELT field, Pro.Ed provides practical training programs that help teachers fit themselves right when they start their first classes.


In addition, Pro.Ed can build a custom TESOL course that suits your institutional particular needs, creating a better-trained and more effective teaching staff, helping you save your valuable resources for the recruiting and training processes.

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