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EduVerse PD Webinar 2

Oct 13, 2023

Le Quoc


An exciting talk with Mr. Jake Whiddon from Studycat to dive into the concept of OVERLEARNING, a powerful tool often underestimated and underutilized in educational settings, particularly in language teaching.

>> What to Expect:

  • Explore overlearning's potential in language learning

  • Boost students' learning with practical activities inside and outside the classroom

  • Enhance long-term retention with useful overlearning strategies and tips

>> Presenter Spotlight:

Jake Whiddon has worked in the Asian language-learning market since 2004. His roles have included academic operations management and regional training at institutions like Education First and Macmillan Education Asia. He was previously a Course Director for Trinity College London's Cert & DipTESOL programs and is currently Head of Learning Experience at Studycat. Jake's reach extends across Greater China, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar, where he focuses on developing independent learning skills in young learners and integrating educational technology into both classrooms and homes, showcasing his dedication to education.

Free registration closed.

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