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EduVerse PD Webinar 6

Jun 15, 2024

The Role of Communities of Practice in Teacher Professional Development and Lifelong Learning

Join us for an insightful webinar on the transformative power of Communities of Practice (CoPs) in education. CoPs are dynamic frameworks that significantly enhance teacher professional development and support lifelong learning.

💥 In this session:

- Introduction to Communities of Practice (CoPs)

- Benefits of CoPs for Educators

- Impact of CoPs on Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

- Addressing Key Issues in Teacher Professional Development

- How to set up effective/ impactful CoPs in your context

Raquel Carlos is the Academic Director at Edify Education, with extensive experience in the field of education and technology. She has managed editorial projects and made significant contributions to private and public initiatives in the language teaching and learning industry. Raquel is actively involved in conducting training sessions, workshops, lectures, and courses across Brazil and internationally, with a focus on creating memorable learning experiences and helping educational leaders achieve the best results.

📅 Date: 22th June 2024 (Saturday)

🕰️ Time: 5:00 PM (Vietnam Time)

📜 Free e-certificate

Platform: Zoom Webinar

Free registration:

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