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Nguyen Tran Nam Phuong (MA)

Founder/ Academic Director
Nam Phuong English Center

Ms. Nguyen Tran Nam Phuong (M.A) is Founder of Nam Phuong Center for English, Can Tho City. She has over 10 years experience working in language education as an academic manager, teacher trainer, and educators. She has taken the role of trainer for public school English teachers in the Innovation projects by the Department of Education & Training from 10 provinces and has worked with learners of all ages including very young and young adult learners, university students, and adult learners. She is now responsible for designing teaching syllabus and materials for EFL courses and teacher training programs. Her professional interests include second language acquisition, teacher professional development as well as syllabus designing.

Nguyen Tran Nam Phuong (MA)
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