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Teacher professional development

The Context

A local English school with 50,000+ ongoing students were struggling to ensure teaching quality of newly-recruited teachers. With an average of 30 expat teachers recruited monthly, plus the teachers' limited commitment, the school could not provide satisfactory professional development (PD) programs for them before their first classes to ensure students' learning outcomes. In fact, the school did not have a functioning PD program for their teachers at that time.

Applying the Design Thinking Framework, Pro.Ed quickly analyzed the problem and built an innovative hybrid (online + offline) PD program that satisfied the school's and teachers' needs and commitments. A testing phase was conducted over 3 months with 60 teachers before the program was officially instituted system-wide throughout the school.



teachers' satisfaction

  • 100% of newly-recruited teachers could complete the PD program within 2 months from their starting date with satisfactory results and feedback from the students.

  • Teachers' satisfaction increased (up to 97.8%) as they were supported in their teaching.


teachers completed the program
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