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Camp 1:
Teaching towards the New Age Learners

Host: Nguyen Thi Anh Dao (MA)
In Camp 1, teachers will dive into the world of modern English Language Teaching (ELT) and explore strategies to effectively engage new age learners. This camp focuses on the unique characteristics of today's students and how teachers...

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Camp 2:
Managing Emotions in ELT Classrooms

Host: Pham Huy Cuong (PhD)
Camp 2 focuses on the significance of emotional management within the English Language Teaching (ELT) context. Participants will explore practical strategies for handling emotional challenges that arise in the ...

Camp 3:
Developing Life Skills for the New Age Learners

Host: Nguyen Thi Ngoc Hanh (MA)
Camp 3 delves into the importance of integrating life skills into English Language Teaching (ELT). Participants will explore key life skills, such as critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving, and...

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New Age ELT: New Age Teachers for New Age Learners

Speaker: Le Dinh Bao Quoc (EdD)
In a rapidly evolving world, the landscape of education is transforming at an unprecedented pace. Join us for a captivating keynote that delves into the exciting realm of New Age English Language Teaching (ELT),...

Talks with Experts
Topics: Tech and AI Application in Teaching, Classroom Management, Teaching Mixed Levels/ Different Age Groups

Advisors: Le Tuan Anh (MA), Nguyen Tran Nam Phuong (MA)
Join 1:1 Talks with ELT Experts sessions to connect with experienced educators. These interactive...

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